CardioStress PC Based ECG/EKG - CC-STRESS

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Electrocardiographs> CardioStress - CC-STRESS

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CardioStress PC Based ECG Testing System - CC-STRESS 

A true 12- lead interpretive ECG with the ability to perform USB or Bluetooth that turns any PC into an all-in-one cardiology system.

The Nasiff Cardio Stress is a fully interpretive 12 lead diagnostic Stress PC Based ECG with Built in Networking, Unlimited Database, EMR system, Pre-Programmed Protocols with 40 stages, Pacemaker Detection, Easy to manage reports, Prints to Office printer, Fax, PDF or email. Provides Baseline Test to determine patient's normal Heart Health. No thermal paper. 


Full Patient Demographics and Information. Capture Unlimited ECG/EKG Durations of Patient ECG Data to Hard Drive, Floppy or any Storage Medium.

Real-time ECG/EKG Monitoring; 1-, 2-, 3-, 6- or 12- user Selectable Leads.

29 Preprogrammed Protocols with 5 User Defined Protocols each with 40 Stages.

Graphs/Tables: HR and BP Trend, Speed/Grade, Representative beats for all Stages.

Wireless option for Stress Testing.




Made in the USA.

Nasiff offer Free Training and technical support.


Performs Resting ECG and Stress Testing.​ 


(Performs Resting ECG and Stress Testing)

1. Cardiocard ECG/STRESS Device

2. Cardiocard Software

3. Treadmill Cable

4. Stress Patient Cable

5. Stress Clips

6. Stress Hook-Up Kits (2)

7. Stress Belt

8. Resting Patient Cable

9. Resting Adapter Clips

10. Resting Electrodes (100)

11. USB Cable

12. Cardiocard STRESS User Manual


CPT CODE 93015 (additional codes: 93016; 93017; 93018)


All Nasiff Associates systems are made and developed in the USA to maintain top quality control.

2 Years Warranty.
*FREE ground shipping:
*FREE ground shipping within the Continental United States.
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