Shop Flowmir disposable Turbines

Aug 11th 2021

MIR digital turbine flowmeter a disposable sensor FlowMIR is individually sealed and pre-calibrated in MIR factory, ready to use. No need for daily calibration and cleaning.The disposab … read more

NDD EasyOne Air -Shop Henan Medical

Aug 6th 2021

NDD spirometers and PFT devices are the most consistent and user-friendly lung function testing equipment that delivers accurate and consistent respiratory testing results for Early Diagnosi … read more

MIR spirometer mouthpieces - Henan Medical

Jul 21st 2021

MIR disposable turbine - FLOWMIRDisposable turbines with cardboard mouthpieceEach turbine is individually wrapped in a plastic bag.The cardboard mouthpiece wears after each use.Does not require s … read more

Otowave 202 portable Tympanometer

Jun 30th 2021

Otowave 202 portable TympanometerThe Amplivox Otowave 202 provides fast, objective middle ear measurements to assist with theidentifcation of middle ear disorders in neonates, children … read more