Vision Screeners - Titmus V4 - Titmus V2

Mar 9th 2021

Vision Screeners for Occupational Health for eye examination in the workplace to evaluate vision functions performance and prevent possible vision problems in a work place environment.The T … read more

Uvex Fog Eliminator Plus Lens Cloths

Feb 16th 2021

Honeywell UVEX Fog Eliminator Plus Lens clothsNow delivers eight hours of anti-fog protection; for use on polycarbonate, plastic and glass lenses.The UVEX Fog Eliminator Plus Cloth S479 is&n … read more

PC Based ECG machine

Feb 16th 2021

Nasiff CardioCard PC Based Resting ECG machine.A true 12- lead interpretive ECG with the ability to perform USB or Bluetooth ECG. Performing fast testing and managing them e … read more