Cardiocard PC Based Resting ECG BT

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Nasiff CardioCard Resting ECG Bluetooth     

Cardio Resting ECG is the first complete and full featured 12 lead, Interpretative PC system with simultaneous Interpretive 12 lead Acquisition of your PC ECG/PC EKG.

ECG Interpretation Classes: MIs, Blocks, Enlargements, Axis; over 100 calls, AFib


  • Full Patient Demographics and Information 
  • Real-time 12-, 6-, 3-, 2- or 1- ECG Lead Color Display of ECG/EKG Complex
  • Capture Unlimited ECG/EKG Durations of Patient Data to any Storage Medium
  • USB Format (no batteries or extra power needed)
  • User Selectable Lead Formats on Final ECG/EKG Report
  • Print Final Report to any Windows Printer (no fading, low cost, ready availability)
  • ECG Measurement resolutions: 4msec, 1.22uV at 10mm/sec gain
  • ECG Frequency Response: 0.05-150 Hz std. (higher available)
  • ECG FAX Capability
  • ECG Email Capability (batches too)
  • Network Practically Unlimited Number of 
  • ECGs/EKGs
  • EMR compatible with an unlimited database
  • ECG/EKG Serial Historical Comparisons
  • Pacemaker Detection
  • ECG storage to any device that appears to the PC as a drive e.g. hard drives, floppies, optical, etc.
  • Data stores: ECG waveforms, time and date and patient information 
  • Measurement's tolerances: time +/-4 msec   
  • Made in the USA  


1. Cardiocard ECG Device (Performs Resting ECG)   

2. Cardiocard Software                                                           

3. Resting Patient Cable

4. Adaptor Clips

5. Electrodes (100)

6. USB Cable

7. Cardiocard Resting User Manual

 CC-ECG-BT  CardioCard PC Based Resting ECG Bluetooth   nasiff-cardiocard-resting-ecg.png
Minimum PC System Requirements:
        - IBM compatible Pentium or higher
        - 512MB ram for program for Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista 32 and 64 bit, Windows 7,              Windows 8 and Mac’s with Boot Camp,
          Dual Boot, VMware Fusion or Parallels. CD ROM
        - USB Ports
        - 5 MB hard drive space for programs and additional for patient data. For standard 12-              lead tests only 60 kb are needed for Holter, 
          33MB are needed per 24 hour patient test
        - Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista 32 and 64 bit, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Mac’s with                Boot Camp, Dual Boot,VMware Fusion or Parallels 
        - Display: Any Windows compatible display
        - Printers: Any Windows compatible printer
All Nasiff Associates systems are made and developed in the USA to maintain top quality control.
*Free Ground Shipping within the Continental US.
2- Year Limited warranty, Free Support and Training
*FREE ground shipping:
*FREE ground shipping within the Continental United States.
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