Nasiff Vitals PC Based ECG System with NIBP

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Vitals Signs PC Based Resting ECG System w/NIBP

CardioCard Resting Blood Pressure System
Cardio ECG interpretative with 12 Leads, NIBP , Performs ECG Resting, BP, Pulse, Temperature, SpO2.

The Nasiff CardioCard PC Based Resting ECG system with NIBP Benefits:

PC Based ECG with Twelve Lead ECG/NIBP with One Button Actions.

CardioCard software is an EMR for your ECG needs.

Auto Interpretations, Pacemaker Detection.

Systolic and Diastolic Blood Pressure.

Auto cycles NIBP

Database capabilities, built on Networks and much more. It has numerous screen formats

and reports to meet many needs, from the Standard clinical settings to many needs


No calibration and No maintenance needed.

Adult and Child arm cuffs with Automatic inflation system.

Oscillometric Method.


(Performs Holter Monitoring)

1. Cardiocardholter ECG Recorder

2. Cardiocaard Software CD

3. Holter 5- OR 7- Lead Patient Cable

4. Monitor Pouch and Belt

5. USB Universal Multi Card Reader (1 SD Card Included)

6. Security Key

7. Holter ECG Sskin Prep Kits (2)

8. Cardiocard User Manual

9. Cardiocard Holter Training CD

10. Cardiocard Holter Training Materials


All Nasiff CardioCard products have free installation, training and customer support via web or phone. Nasiff CardioCard products carry a two-year warranty on all devices and software.


All Nasiff Associates systems are made and developed in the USA to maintain top quality control.


CPT CODE #93000, #93015 and #78461 Receive up to $300 in reimbursement per test.



2 years warranty
*FREE ground shipping within the Continental United States.:
*FREE ground shipping within the Continental United States.
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