Nasiff CardioSuite Stress ECG and Holter Monitor PC Based System

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Nasiff CardioSuite PC Based System  

PC Based EKG, Holter, & Stress Test System
(Performs Resting ECG, Stress Testing and Holter one (1) ECG Box for CardioResting and CardioStress Testing and one (1) CardioHolter Monitoring 


Nasiff has the Cardio Universal EMR Interface that connects to ALL EMRs. CardioCard is easy to use (no IT degree needed) and transfers data to ALL EMRs. This gives you the ability to change EMRs without interruption or connection fees.


(Performs Resting ECG, Stress Testing and Holter Monitoring)
1. CardioCard ECG/Stress system
2. CardioCard Software
3. Resting Patient Cable
4. Resting adaptor Clips
5. Resting Electrodes (100)
6. Stress Patient Cable
7. Stress Relief Clips
8. USB Cable
9. Treadmill Cable
10. Stress Belt
11. Stress PREP Hook-UP Kits (2)
12. Serial converter adapter
13. CardioHolter Recorder
14. Holter 5-, or 7- Patient cable
15. Monitor Pouch and Belt
16. USB Universal Multi Card Reader (SD CARD)
17. Security Key
18. Holter PREP Hook Up Kits (2)
19. CardioCard User Manual
20. CardioCard Training Materials
21. CardioCard Training CD


All CardioCard products are connected: ECG, Holter, Stress and more. Getting connected with CardioCard devices will allow your practice to:

 Electronically capture diagnostic data and transfer directly to your EMR system.

  • Get immediate access to your patient diagnostic test information anytime, anywhere and eliminate the need for manual transcription
  • Deliver more consistent and accurate information electronically, improving data quality and practice efficiency; which reduces your costs and strengthens your bottom line.


The most complete, advanced and cost effective PC ECG Systems
with the Cardio Universal EMR Interface.


(PC/Laptop, Treadmill sold separately)


All Nasiff Associates systems are made and developed in the USA to maintain top quality control.

2 Years Warranty