Titmus V2 vision screener

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Titmus V2 Vision Screener

Manual Vision Acuity Testing instrument using thumb wheel.

Titmus Vision Screeners are ergonomically designed, precision-built stereoscopic instruments, providing precise and prompt measurement of visual performance.

Test Distances:

• Far (20 feet/6m)
• Near (14 inches/35cm)
• Intermediate Distance (Optional)


  • Compact and Portable. Optional carrying case with wheels available.
  • Ergonomics: Unique design that accommodates both adults and children, either standing or seated. Ensures patient is in a comfortable position for testing.
  • Testing: Tests at 20 feet (6m) for FAR and 14 inches (35cm) for NEAR vision. A variety of tests are available to screen for visual acuity, muscle balance (horizontal and vertical phoria), depth perception, color perception, and binocular vision. Total of 16 tests per vision screener (based on slide set selected).
  • Fluorescent Light Source: Improves slide illumination, replicates actual daylight conditions and provides true color testing. Light will give years of extended service (10,000 hours).
  • Built–In Membrane Switches: The instrument has a manual wheel to advance test slides and includes built-in membrane switches to occlude each eye and control peripheral vision test lights indicates when to replace light
  • Foam Headrest: Soft headrest to ensure correct head position. Easy to clean.
  • Head Sensor: Electronic check to ensure correct head position. Patient cannot see tests, if head is incorrectly positioned.
  • Peripheral Vision Testing: Can perform peripheral vision testing in the horizontal visual field at 85°, 70°, 55° and nasal 45° for each eye.
  • Intermediate or Plus Lenses (Optional). Five additional lenses are available to identify vision problems at actual working distance (intermediate vision) of 19, 22, 26, 32 and 40 inches (50, 57, 67, 80 and 100 cm). Plus lenses with values of +1.00, +1.50, +1.75 and +2.25 are also available for testing children’s vision.


Slide package selection:

 19117 Titmus V2 Occupational model (Landolt Rings)

 19112 Titmus V2 Occupational model ( Letters)

 19114 Titmus V2 Driver Education model

 19122 Titmus V2 Occupational model TNO pattern        

 19120 Titmus V2 Professional model

 19113 Titmus V2 Aeromedical model

 19118 Titmus V2 Pediatric model

 19121 Titmus V2 School model

 19119 Titmus V2 Preschool model

 19114 Titmus V2 -Driver Education model


The TITMUS Vision Screener can screen for various visual functions like visual acuity (far and near), binocularity, muscle balance, color perception, depth perception, and more.

​Various test slides available — Occupational health screening, general health screening, screening as per FAA, DOT and AAP standards.



Titmus Vision Screeners are proudly manufactured in the USA




Meets the following CE, UL, and CSA Standards.

  • Europe: EN 60601-1, IEC 60601-1, 3rd ed, Class I, Annex IX of MD D 93/42/EEC
  • USA: AAMI ES 60601-1
  • Canada: CSA-C22.2, No. 601.1-M90, Class I Device, CB Scheme: IEC 60601-1
2 Year Warranty