Titmus Slides for Driver Education Model

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Titmus Slides for Driver Education Model

Slides for Driver Education model Titmus V2 and Titmus V4 vision screeners.

Tests are administered at Far, Near and Intermediate distances. 


Tests Visual Acuity

All lines at 20/40.

Selection of test lines eliminates memorization


Tests Visual Acuity

Results calibrated at 20/20, 20/30, 20/40, 20/50,

20/70, 20/100 and 20/200. Tests can be administered

binocularly or with either eye occluded


Tests ability to recognize traffic colors.


Tests sign recognition and depth perception

SAB 70/40

Tests ability to read traffic signs in acuity ratings of

20/40 and 20/70.


An alternate to Test No. 2

Sometimes people who cannot recognize letters

can recognize numbers.


Measures lateral muscle balance.


Measures vertical muscle balance.


Visual acuity steps - 20/200, 20/150, 20/100, 20/85, 20/70, 20/50, 20/40, 20/30, 20/25, 20/20, 20/15, 20/10





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