Titmus Occupational TNO slides

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Titmus Occupational TNO Slides 

Slides for Occupational Landolt Titmus V2 and Titmus V4 vision screeners.

Tests are administered at Far, Near and Intermediate distances. 

SF-1   , Binocularity Both Eyes 

To determine whether both eyes are being used together  

TNO-B, Acuity Both Eyes 

This test based on ISO Standards provides Landolt rings with 

equal steps for acuity testing (geometric progression)  

TNO-R, Acuity Right Eye 

Same as the Both Eyes test except symbols are omitted 

from the left eye.   

TNO-L, Acuity Left Eye 

Same as the Both Eyes test except symbols are omitted from 

the right eye. Landolt ring symbols are different from the Both 

Eyes and Right Eye test. 

SSD-1 , Stereo Depth 

Is a precise measure of one of the important factors of depth 

perception. The reliability of test results is high.  

SCD-1 , Color Perception 

Consists of six accurately and authentically reproduced 

Ishihara Pseudo-Isochromatic plates.  

SVP-1 , Vertical Phoria 

Measures vertical balance between the two eyes.  

SLP-1 — Lateral Phoria

Desirable Phoria scores are associated with quick, accurate 

eye fixations and precise, effortless seeing.



Visual acuity steps - 20/200, 20/150, 20/100, 20/85, 20/70, 20/50, 20/40, 20/30, 20/25, 20/20, 20/15, 20/10





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