Tuttnauer PCD Process Challenge Device for Gravity- Vacuum Autoclaves

Tuttnauer USA

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Tuttnauer Process Challenge Device (PCD) 

Tuttnauer’s PCD kit includes lumens that are more difficult to penetrate than your loads. With the PCD you can be certain your lumen loads are fully exposed to the vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilizing agent.

The PCD kit includes long lumen configurations that cannot be successfully sterilized in competing devices.

The PCD Kit includes 1mm diameter lumens with lengths of 4m (both sides open) and 1.4m lumens (one side open).


Tuttnauer offeres process challenge devices available in 20 minute and 1 hour. As per AAMI ST79, PCDs containing biological indicators should be used for routine monitoring of steam sterilization cycles at least weekly, preferably daily, and in every load containing implants.

Use the Process Challenge device to be sure that your hollow instruments have been 100% penetrated. 


PCD’s can be used in gravity or pre/post vacuum autoclave.


Process Challenge Device (PCD) 1 Hour    - WTL198-0075

Process Challenge Device (PCD) 20 min.   - WTL198-0077