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Riester RVS-200

The Riester wall diagnostic system is the unique combination of an advanced vital signs monitor and a modular diagnostic station. The highly flexible modular design allows for different configurations, to suit individual needs and reduce instrument complexity.


The RVS - 200 Wall Diagnostic System can communicate through a wired or wireless connection to the hospital’s EMR, according to the HL7 standard.


Key Features


  • 3 measurement modes (Monitor, Spot-check, Triage)
  • High-sensitivity 8” TFT colour touch screen with self-explanatory user interface and integrated help-function
  • Displays SYS, DIA, MAP, Pulse, Temp, Plethysmogram
  • Clinical grade NIBP including averaging mode 
  • Programmable NIBP averaging mode (2-5 readings)
  • Riester, Masimo or Nellcor Oximax SpO2
  • Predictive Thermometer (Filac 3000)
  • Connectivity with the EMR - follows the HL7 standard
  • LAN Connectivity as standard
  • Programmable alarms (audible, visible) with 3 priority levels
  • Supports nurse call RJ11 port
  • Internal memory for 5,000 measurements


 (*includes neonate mode)

Power supply for up to 3 diagnostic handles
Maintenance-free High Performance LED illumination
Wide range of EENT ri-scope L instruments
Integrated Specula dispenser
Easy and discrete mounting



Thermal printer (internal)
Barcode reader



Power Supply: 100 –240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Battery: Lithium-Ion battery, rechargeable, 10.8 V DC, 6,600 mAh



1961-RRXXE NIBP (Riester) + SpO2 (Riester)
1961-RRBXE NIBP (Riester) + SpO2 (Riester) + Pred. Temp
1961-RRBPE NIBP (Riester) + SpO2 (Riester) + Pred. Temp + Printer
1961-RNXXE NIBP (Riester) + SpO2 (Nellcor)
1961-RNBXE NIBP (Riester) + SpO2 (Nellcor) + Pred. Temp
1961-RNBPE NIBP (Riester) + SpO2 (Nellcor) + Pred. Temp + Printer
1961-RMXXE NIBP (Riester) + SpO2 (Masimo)
1961-RMBXE NIBP (Riester) + SpO2 (Masimo) + Pred. Temp
1961-RMBPE NIBP (Riester) + SpO2 (Masimo) + Pred. Temp + Printer



2 Years Warranty