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Bionet CardioCare 2000 Interpretative ECG machine

Bionet CardioCare 2000 Interpretative ECG machine

Sep 22nd 2020

CardioCare 2000 ECG 

Cost-Effective Interpretive 12 Channel Resting ECG

Multi Channel Interpretive Resting ECG. Prints on Full Size Paper. Built In Rechargeable Battery.

One-touch operation (monitoring, recording mode)

CardioCare 2000 ECGBionet CardioCare 2000

The Bionet CardioCare 2000 ECG machine Copy function allows varied printouts from single patient sample

and the Grid function allows you to use low cost plain fax paper.

Convenient A4 size print-outs allow for easy chart filing.

Over 130 kinds of interpretation results based on 

advanced Minnesota code          

Free S/W upgrade via internetHigh-Quality 12ch interpretive ECG at a 3ch price  

ECG leads 12 lead, simultaneous ECG and acquisition

Dimension 296(W) ,. 305.5(H) , 92.5(D), Approx.2.98

Recording channel 3,6,12 channel and 1 channel(60 sec)

Printing speed 12.5, 25, 50 /s

Sampling rate 500 samples/sec

Filters AC(50/60, -20 or better)

Muscle(25 ~ 35 -3 or better)

Base line drift (0.1 -3 or better)

Display 2 x 16 character LCD Display

LCD display Sensitivity, speed, filter status, HR, printing form, rhythm lead

LED indicator signal quality, power source, battery.

Keyboard Membrane keyboard, Alphanumeric and symbol available

Patient data ID, name, age, sex, height, weight

Basic measurement Heart rate, PR int, QRS dur, QT/QTc, P-R-T axis

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