IMPACT PRO Industrial Pro Electronic Sound Amplification


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Impact Pro 1030943
Electronic Sound Amplification with Adjustable Headband

Impact enhances user awareness of their environment through advanced sound amplification technology. Impact allows wearers to hear important communication – other co-workers: alarms and warning signals – at a safely amplified level. Positioned microphones provide more natural: directional hearing.
Through an advanced response technology:
Impact reverts to passive earmuff mode when noise reaches 82 dB or above.
Impact is ideal for hearing-impaired workers and can help prevent isolation on the job.


Features & Benefits:
  • Amplifies ambient sound to safe 82 dB – response technology revert to passive hearing protector when noise reaches 82 dB
  • Inner-ventilated headband minimizes pressure on the head: breathes easier in warm/humid climates
  • Non-deforming outer headband withstands rough treatment in the toughest workplaces
  • Quick-Click height adjustment remains fixed during wear
  • Snap-in ear cushions make replacement quick and easy
  • Sound amplification allows wearers to hear important communication– alarms/warning signals: co-workers’ voices
  • Directionally placed stereo microphones amplify and enhance sound for more natural hearing
  • Includes 2 AA batteries for 700 hours of use


The Impact Pro Industrial is a new and improved version of the Impact earmuff. The most significant difference is a much higher NRR, which means better protection from noise. Impact Pro is NRR 30, one of the highest NRR for an electronic earmuff, whereas Impact was NRR 23.


Continuous Use Battery Life  5.83day

1030943 IMPACT PRO Industrial One size