Honeywell UVEX Clear Plus Portable Disposable Station S483


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Uvex Clear Plus Portable: Disposable Lens Cleaning Station

The UVEX S483 

A lens cleaner that swiftly lifts and removes tough dirt: debris and even oily fingerprints to restore optical clarity. UVEX Clear Plus Lens Cleaner reduces visible soil to below detectable limits leaving no haze: streaks or residue behind. It also has a pleasant smell and it’s toxic-free.

Uvex Clear Plus Portable: Disposable Lens Cleaning Station includes:
  • 16 oz. of UVEX Clear Plus cleaning spray
  • 1:500 tissues
Features and Benefits:
  • Swiftly lifts and removes dirt: dust: debris: oil
  • Reduces visible soil to below detectable limits (.2 to .3% haze)
  • Streak-free: residue-free: haze-free results
  • Alcohol and silicone-free
  • Methanol: ethanol: and isopropanol-free
  • Butoxyethanol-free
  • Pleasant smell from all natural papaya extract
  • Safe to use on any lens or coated surface
  • Won’t degrade or delaminate lens material
  • Can be used in temps as low as -40°C (-40°F)
  • Proprietary formula
  • 5 year shelf life
  • 16”W x 3.19”L x 9.25”H
  • Made in the U.S.A.