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Remote Monitoring for Social Distancing


Employee Safety through Remote Monitoring in all workplaces.

Covid-19 is a primary concern, and must be consistently monitored.

New ways of working for some time to come, with one of the primary methods to limit the spread of the virus being maintaining social distancing of at least 6 feet (2m) between people.

Technological advancements in monitoring methods for these hazards have presented unintended possibilities for aiding in the fight against Covid-19 – namely, personal monitoring equipment where measurements can be started, and the data checked remotely without disturbing the wearer. 

Employers should establish protocols that will allow workers to minimise close contact and ensure social distancing.


Body-worn monitoring equipment, such as the dBadge2 noise dosimeter or Apex2 and VAPex personal sampling pumps, allow individual units to be issued to employees in a controlled way; collected from a demarked area at the start of a shift that allows a restricted number of employees in and out at any one time, maintaining a social distance. 


Real-time results can be checked remotely throughout the day. Connectivity is key; advancements such as integrated Bluetooth connections allow dosimeters and pumps to accessed remotely up to a distance of 25m away (over 12 times the suggested social distancing minimum of 2m)

Flexible monitoring equipment easier to integrate.

Real-time data such as battery charge level, flow rate, run time, and volume sampled to  capture full, accurate reports of a monitored period and download these reports remotely via App connectivity, with examples including the Casella AirWave app.

Managers can overview and download data from multiple devices for managers to have a clear picture of hazards across the workplace without having to interact with monitoring units (and the employees wearing them) directly. Utilising the app in conjunction with a sampling pump and an airflow calibrator, like the Casella Flow Detective, allows users to calibrate monitoring devices and check results remotely, giving confidence in results and minimising physical interactions from the start of sampling to completion.


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dBadge2 dosimeter  VAPex and Apex2 sampling pumps

included remote monitoring with App connectivity and integrated Bluetooth. 


Monitor your workforce remotely and minimise physical interactions.